Weekly Meal Prep

April 20, 2015

carrot sticks orange peppers in jar
^carrots and bell peppers

I hope these vibrant colors serve as a reminder to myself to spend a few hours each week preparing meals and snacks for the busy week ahead.

Healthy home-cooked food is one of the first things placed on the back burner when things get hectic, but it's during these times that we need our nutrients the most. In about two hours this Sunday, I visited the grocery store and prepared the following (and some unattractive meat) for the next few days.

cous cous tabouli
^cous cous tabouli (about a handful of each: Israeli cous cous, cucumbers, tomatoes, chick peas, parsley. with light lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper)

vegetable meal prep
^steamed broccoli (3 minutes), chick peas, baked and mashed sweet potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes

chopped vegetables
^chopped carrots, bell peppers, shallots (in preparation for dirty rice dish: brown rice, ground turkey, red onion, and above ingredients)

sauvignon blanc
Any hassle experienced by a crowded Sunday supermarket and the hot oven in our tiny kitchen was made much more enjoyable with a glass of the crisp North Coast Sauvignon Blanc and some sweet tunes


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