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January 1, 2015

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This year I want to embrace a mindset of yes. I want to invite more doing, more fun, more opportunity—less fear. This one word will be my guide for 2015.

2014 did see several big moments of 'yes', notably the best moment when I said yes to spending my life with M. My new year intention, however, is more about embracing a certain attitude toward the little things that come up each day.

Part of it is about being more agreeable, part of it is knowing that saying yes opens doors. Most of all, yes is about facing fear (the 'no you can't' or 'not today' or 'no thanks') and challenging my cautious nature in a healthy way.

I feel refreshed and excited just setting this one word intention to lead me through the year.

I'm curious, what are your resolutions/intentions for the new year?


  1. I love this! Our family - and now our good friends - always makes "one word resolutions", I'm not sure where the tradition started. Usually we choose verbs or adjectives but I like the idea of exclamations. In 2014, my word was unbalance, I'm still considering a few for 2015. Happy New Year! I look forward to reading your blog (and see you guys!) in 2015!

    1. I like your tradition, and I'm intrigued by your 2014 resolution. Part of my 2015 intention is to knock myself off balance. Good things seem to happen when I am out of my comfort zone.
      I hope your year is off to a nice start. I look forward to seeing you too!

      Love, Lucy



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